Succeeding in a male-dominated industry takes grit, determination, and female role models already paving the way. Today's guest, Janine Iannarelli, an aircraft broker and entrepreneur who has been making her mark on this industry for over 30 years. Her first steps into aviation happened when a woman with her own aviation information business showed her it was possible.

Having a strong female role model leading the way into aviation propelled Janine into the industry. And over 30 years later, she's taken up the mantle for strong women in aviation. Janine shares with us how there have been times when there wasn't a clear way forward, so she made one for herself.

Janine considers herself a relationship builder and attributes this to why she's been so successful with Par Avion. And how sometimes you need to end relationships if they're just wasting your time. Because as a busy entrepreneur, your time is important. Time management is an absolutely vital skill to have when building and managing your own business, and Janine shares some of the principles she uses every day. 

We talk about overcoming obstacles and how this can bring a bigger sense of clarity and determination. Janine is a firm believer in knowing what battles are the ones that will further your career. She also explains how she knows she's doing the right thing in business – whether this means turning down what looks like a good deal or making time for yourself.

How do you know you're on the right path? Do you have a strong female role model in business? What time management skills do you follow?

In This Episode:

  • How your mentors and role models can end up appearing an unexpected time
  • Why you need to make your own path
  • What being a relationship builder consists of
  • Why you need to let go of people who waste your time
  • What time management skills and principles you need to master
  • How overcoming obstacles makes you realize that you can do anything you want to
  • Why you should pick your business battles
  • How to know if you're doing the right thing
  • Why you might walk away from what looks like a good deal



"It's a career that I fell into. It's not one that I sought out. And it's not one that sought me. It is one of those unique opportunities that the lucky people in life stumble across and start to realize this is their passion. And I never left after that." ([2:10])

"In the world, we live in today, where everything is rushed, everything is busy, it really is okay for you as an individual to choose how you spend your time." ([7:14])

"We tend to avoid really important jobs because once we get into them, we know they're going to time consuming." ([10:13])

"Women have to walk this fine line and men don't. And it's because people simply do not look at men and call them any names. They just say they're being tough in business. When a woman is tough in business, they tend to use the 'b' word. And I turn around and tell them to make sure they spell it with a capital B when they're talking about me." ([13:54])

"You really only gain insight through experience, and not out of a textbook, solely." ([18:01])


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