Increasing your brain function can be as easy as eating the right foods. Sound too good to be true? Julie Daniluk, nutritionist and cooking show host, joins me today to share some wonderful information on how you can improve your nutritional health to benefit so many aspects of your life.

Julie wears multiple hats: she's been a nutritionist since 1999, hosts Healthy Gourmet, a cooking show available in over 78 countries, and is an author of multiple best-selling books. After getting severe food poisoning in Thailand that left her with colitis and a multitude of health problems heading into her 30s, Julie knew she has to find her own solutions.

The biggest thing she's learned is that the gut is the key to our bodies' entire health and if we want to improve anywhere, we need to first heal our intestinal tract. Healing our gut isn't always a straightforward process, so Julie explains some nutrition facts that are particularly important for women.

Certain foods actually help boost our brain function. We need to be looking for foods high in Omega-3, folate, and iron, as a brain that's firing on all cylinders will help us all at work. Julie also tells us why pesticides are as bad as they are for our health and what some ways to avoid them are. 

She talks about why it's not just what you eat, but when you eat, that will have an impact on your health and weight. Julie also gives us some easy changes and quick snack ideas to help reduce our calorie intake.

Do you know if the food you're eating is covered in pesticides? What's your quick and easy meal go-to? How do you ensure you're eating enough Omega-3 every day?

In This Episode:

  • How travel can impact your nutritional health
  • Why you need to heal the gut before you can focus on any other health aspect
  • What are some foods that increase brain performance
  • Why Omega-3, specifically EPA, folate, and iron are vital in our diets
  • Why pesticides are bad for our health
  • What guerilla gardening is and why we should all try to do more of it
  • Why you shouldn't eat food before you go to bed
  • What small changes you can make to easily reduce your calorie intake
  • What the top 3-5 anti-inflammatory foods are
  • What some quick and healthy on-the-go snacks and meals are



"Your gut is the gateway to the inflammation of your whole body." ([12:58])

"The big thing to keep in mind is if you can peel it, you can peel off a lot of those pesticides. But if it's something you can eat in its natural form, like a strawberry, those are very high in pesticides and nearly impossible to wash off." ([21:10])

"Now that I know what pain feels like, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels." ([24:35])

"Carry your healthy food in your purse and then you don't have to rely on the convenience store or vending machine that will call your name when your blood sugar crashes." ([40:06])


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