Building a successful multi-million dollar business takes a lot of self-discovery and determination. Today’s guest, Brooke Castillo, started her career as a life coach 14 years ago and has since built a mega-successful and well-known school where she trains life coaches. But getting to this point hasn’t been without its challenges.

When Brooke was a child, she wanted to be a teacher because she loved the thought of helping shape young people’s lives. As she grew older, going through some traumatic life experiences, and reading the inspiring Women Who Love Too Much, she decided to study psychology. Her psychology degree led her to a career, which in turn led her to discover life coaching, way before it was a popular subject.

Brooke knew she found her true path when it felt like everything was falling into place. She was able to stay home to look after her growing children while still building her small empire as a life coach. But she also knew she had to expand her business if she wanted to be even more successful.

When Brooke’s husband joined the business as her partner, the dynamic in their relationship changed. Especially as men are more often viewed as being the “breadwinner,” so to speak, to join a successful female-led business was a challenge, but one they both accepted and worked through together. For the past 7 years, together they have built The Life Coach School into what it is today.

Building and managing a team is so different from being a one-woman show, and transitioning into this role presented Brooke with an opportunity to grow. She finds relief to any challenges she’s faced with the help of a confidential sounding board and group of women who support each other.

Brooke has learned that in marketing, it’s so important to use trial and error to find what works for you and your business. She’s also discovered that in order to grow a business at a rapid rate, you need to plug almost all of your profits into marketing… which might sound counter-intuitive, but it works.

Have you been thinking of transitioning from a solopreneur to entrepreneur? What challenges have you faced when working with your romantic partner? Do you have a marketing budget to help grow your business?

In This Episode:

  • How reading can open your eyes to career possibilities you previously never considered
  • What if feels like to find your true calling
  • How you can balance working on your own business while raising your children
  • How transitioning to business partners affects your personal relationships
  • What impact feminism has on having a male business partner
  • What it’s like to go from being a solopreneur to building and managing a team
  • Why trial and error is an important aspect of marketing
  • Why you need a confidential sounding board to run ideas and problems by
  • How spending money on marketing will help your business grow faster
  • Why you have to work less, but more efficiently, to make more money



“Psychotherapy was all about taking people who were non-functional and making them functional. And life coaches are all about taking people that are functional and making them function at a higher level.” ([9:29])

“Being able to maintain my craft and be the employee in my business and do all the things that I needed to do to serve my customers; but then it’s like another full-time job to actually run your company, and set it up properly, and market it, handle customer service.” ([19:59])

“Even taking the courses isn’t enough. Then you have to apply what you learned and fail at it so many times before you can end up being successful at it.” ([21:02])

“How much can I spend on marketing and still make a profit? The more I can spend on marketing my business, the faster I’m going to grow.” ([23:08])



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