Having those sales conversations are a vital part of owning a business. And while some people absolutely love having them, others are less enthusiastic about the thought of having those important talks. Nikki Rausch, The Sales Maven, is an absolute marvel who is sharing so many sales secrets with us today.

Nikki uses her Neuro-Linguistic Programming training, combined with her business degree, to help you land the sale. From private to community coaching, she makes her courses accessible, so that everyone can get the inside scoop into what makes a good sale. She's a published author, keynote speaker, and all-around amazing woman who I'm so excited to have on the show today.

Has anyone ever told you you'd be good at something? Sometimes that's all we need to have the mindset shift to start us on a new path. That's how Nikki started taking her intuitive sales skills seriously.

Nikki talks about the four consciousnesses. From not having any idea how to do something to being able to do something pretty much in your sleep – we all have them. So when we figure out what it is we can do with little to no thought, that's probably where we should be spending our time.

The Sales Maven talks us through the sales process, from her new book, The Selling Staircase. First, she insists you prioritize building a relationship over making a sale. And how you can go about introducing yourself and your business to someone the first time you meet them.

Nikki also explains why you should create curiosity about your business. She recommends having a different curiosity creating statement at the beginning of each week and using this anytime you're speaking with someone new. Curiosity helps open the sales conversation at your potential client's discretion and can easily lead you to the discovery phase.

Actually closing a sale is often the scariest part of business. But Nikki helps make these conversations easier. Her biggest piece of advice is to always offer three sales options to your customers, so they can decide what price point they want to invest in.

What's your unconscious consciousness? Do you feel confident having those sales conversations? How do you build relationships with your potential clients?

In This Episode:

  • What happens to your mindset when someone else tells you you can do something
  • What the different levels of consciousness are
  • Why you need to prioritize making a relationship with someone over making a sale
  • What should happen when you first introduce you and your business to someone
  • How you can create curiosity about your business and products
  • What a curiosity creating statement is
  • How you can lead people from curiosity conversations to discovery calls
  • Why you should always offer someone three ways to close a sale
  • How to figure out if someone is the right client for you



"I think that it really takes someone seeing in you what you don't even see in you to have that little push to start your business." ([4:31])

"Just put yourself out there because you don't know what you don't know until you try something." ([7:23])

"You've got to ask questions that lead people to hire you." ([21:09])

"It's not my job to figure out how she's supposed to pay me, it's my job to make it easy for her to come up with her own solution." ([28:15])



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