Creating a group course is an incredible way to add revenue to your bottom line, reach more clients, and build your brand reputation. Our guest, Jessica Terzakis of Terzakis and Associates, works with brands and small businesses to help them create group courses that complement their 1:1 coaching.

Jessica left her job as a teacher after an inspiring event with her mom to join the family coaching business with her parents. She knows first hand what challenges and hurdles you have to overcome when starting an online business. And currently, Jessica works on Course Design Services, helping small businesses grow from 1:1 coaching to 1:many.

On this episode, Jessica shares why consistency is so important and how a drop, or boost, in your visibility can actually have a substantial impact on your business. And while she recommends setting up a successful 1:1 coaching service first, she does recommend you move into group coaching as opposed to an online course.

Group coaching helps you reach more people at a higher rate, as opposed to an elusive number of people at a lower rate. This means you will make more money, and add that revenue to your bottom line. 

Jessica recommends having a complementary Facebook group running alongside your group program so both you and participants can communicate easily. A lot of group owners fear getting started if they don't have everything pretty and polished, but don't be afraid! Dive right in.

How would group coaching complement your 1:1 coaching practice? Are you thinking of starting your own group coaching program? Do you have a small group of people that would be interested in it? 


In This Episode:

  • How an ordinary day can completely change your life
  • What some of the challenges of starting an online business are
  • Why you need to stay consistent with your business
  • What the difference between a group program and an online course is
  • How you can help more people and make more money
  • What role accountability groups have in running your own business
  • Why you need a private Facebook group for your group program
  • Why you don't need everything to be perfectly polished the first time you start a group
  • How much money you can make with a group program



"I think that if you can speak about the outcome you get your clients and a problem you can solve, you are going to stand out." ([10:21])

"If you've been working 1:1 with clients already, it's so much easier to find 8-10 people to work with than the 50+ people you'd need for an online course." ([14:15])

"If you look at your 1:1 work that should inspire your group program." ([21:27])

"There's different price points and different ways you can play with pricing, but it really can, consistently over time, add significant revenue to your bottom line… in addition to what you earn 1:1." ([25:31])


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