Taking the leap and starting your own business is a daunting endeavor no matter what your age. But Jenna Irvin started living her dream in her early twenties when she became obsessed with the idea of barre exercise classes. She's only been in business for a year, but she's making leaps in both barre and coaching.

Jenna's interest in barre started after a journey through eating disorders and team sports in high school. She took a chance when she applied to be a barre instructor. She was one of the youngest entrepreneurs to then buy premises and start a barre school in Maryland, moving away from the Pennsylvania home she grew up in. 

For her, the entire journey she's been on has led Jenna to have the career and life she wants right now. Jenna has learned over the year that she needs to rely on her intuition to lead her in some business decisions, especially when those decisions feel wrong. She also refers to a "full-body yes" that helps her make important decisions.

Jenna approaches business with vulnerability and authenticity. She believes that in order to be accessible, you need to be real with your audience, so they can learn who you are and accept you where you're at. And along this vein, Jenna knows where her weaknesses are and seeks to hire someone who can complement and enhance those areas.

A healthy money mindset can make a pretty big difference when it comes to your business decisions. Jenna refuses to make any decisions that are based on financial gain, as she believes that these are not chosen based on the positive impact you're going to make in the world. When you stop running your business based on money, great advances can happen.

Do you feel insecure about starting or expanding your business? Have you ever experienced a full-body yes? How do you ensure you're showing up authentically in your business?

In This Episode:

  • How your insecurities only have a voice if you give them one
  • Why your entire journey makes your current why so important
  • Why you need to act like an expert even when you feel like a beginner
  • How your intuition can help you make important business decisions
  • What a full-body yes feels like and why you should listen to it
  • How you can show up authentically in your business
  • Who you should hire to complement your weaknesses
  • What a healthy money mindset can do for the future of your business
  • Why you can't allow the money to run your business



"It's definitely really challenging to go into a community where you don't know a soul and try to cultivate something from the ground up." ([11:47])

"Insecurity is the hardest thing when you're young and decide to take a leap. You're dealing with insecurity from what the rest of the world is placing on you on top of the fact that you're insecure yourself because you're doing something you've never done before." ([13:51])

"When we lead from a place of vulnerability and we allow that to ignite connection, we show up for the parts of our life that don't fit perfectly into the Instagram grid and we're just there for it. I feel like I'm able to run my business, lead my team, and lead my life with a much more open heart that isn't fixated on all the things that sit outside my realm of control." ([22:08])

"If you're doing something just for the result of the financial gain, the chances of it being something that actually makes a positive impact." ([28:56])


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