Balancing your new business with your existing relationship shouldn't be hard… but sometimes it is. You need to focus on not only building your business but also maintaining love and respect at home. Anna Osborn joins me to talk about how you nurture your relationship alongside your business, so nothing is neglected.

Anna is a family and relationship therapist who loves to talk about running her own business. In Anna's own words, she knows the delicate balance prioritizing the most important relationship in your life takes when you own your own business. And when you're feeling happy in your partnership, that spills over into your business, as well.

Before we talk about relationships, Anna gives some insight into starting your own business. Many people are terrified of taking that first step, but it's all about changing your perspective on fear. In fact, it's the actual act of "doing the thing" that breeds new confidence within you.

Bringing a new business into your partnership is almost like bringing a new child in. Your business needs love, attention, and devotion, much the same as a kid would. This is why it's important to communicate even more with your partner about how they feel about your new business and to resist the urge to keep the details of your business away from them.

It comes down to establishing – and sticking to – healthy boundaries. If you say you're going to do something, do it! Because if you don't, you've broken a bond of trust with your partner. 

But what happens when your partner just doesn't support your new venture at all? Either you need to find some outside business support or start thinking about what takes priority in your life: your partnership or your business. A small caveat: don't be afraid to seek out relationship counseling if this is something you want to work through together.

Does your partner support your new business? How do you set healthy boundaries with your business and relationship? Do you talk to your partner about your business?

In This Episode:

  • How you can change your perspective on fear
  • Where confidence is found
  • What happens when you bring a new business into your relationship
  • Why communication becomes even more important when you start a new business
  • How you can draw healthy boundaries between your work and your relationship
  • How you can become a better business owner by having a happy home life
  • Why you need to find someone to support you through your business


"I want my kids to know that it's okay to be afraid and still go forward. That the confidence we get from doing things is because we did it, not because we had the confidence beforehand." ([6:22])

"Don't set a boundary that you're not going to maintain, because what that does is break down trust." ([19:39])

"Knowing there's always things needing to be done and, in this moment, we need to align our priorities with how we're spending our time."([21:28])


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