What do you do when you've just started your business and then experience a tragedy in your life? You have two choices: let the tragedy consume your every waking thought or let your business save you. For Katie DePaola, she chose her business over and over again to help her cope with the death of her brother.

Katie is the founder of the Inner Glow Circle, a training company for women coaches and entrepreneurs. Katie lost her brother when she was 27 to an overdose, but instead of letting this experience stop her from living her calling, she's used it to fuel herself forward. She's used the losses she's experienced as her greatest opportunities; her business literally saved her life.

Katie found first hand what happens when she changed her mindset. When she realized that giving up was not an option for her and the path ahead became clear to her. The hardest things that happen in our lives often have opportunities within them, you just need to look for it. That's not to say that you're never going to have another low point when you're in business, but you need to learn how to navigate your way through them.

Katie says when you're feeling low or overwhelmed is to ask yourself, "What can I do?" When you determine the actions that you can take at that time, you can start to slowly move forward again.

Confidence is something important for all women in business. While it's something some women find comes naturally, others need to work hard on it. But like any muscle, if you do exercise your confidence, it'll get stronger.

Have you experienced trauma in your life that you're not sure how to work through? Do you feel confident in your skills? What's your purpose in life?

In This Episode:

  • How choosing your business over and over again can help you through difficult situations
  • What happens when you change your mindset to know that giving up is not an option
  • Why you should look for the opportunity in the hard events
  • How to handle the low points when you're navigating your business
  • Why you should ask yourself, "what can I do?"
  • Why you need to work on your confidence levels in order to grow in your business
  • How we can find confidence through cooperation
  • Why you have to grow certain parts of yourself when you're running your own business
  • Where confidence comes from
  • How you can get unstuck by taking imperfect action



"The fact that I had my company during those hard times was really the thing that kept giving me breath and life." ([7:28])

"Just because my brother's dead doesn't mean that I am. It doesn't mean that I have to be. That's when I really started living and living with purpose." ([11:42])

"If giving up isn't on the table, if it's not an answer, then you're going to find another way. It might require you to pivot or shift or evolve the way that you're operating, but your mindset has to be that giving up is not an option." ([15:14])

"So many people are not happy with their lives and so many people are not happy with work and their careers, and they just don't know that there's a way out." ([26:30])

"You have the power to improve, and shift, and grow the parts of yourself that you feel you want to be in a different place. But not because someone else told you to, because it's something that's going to make you stronger as a woman, as a business person, as an entrepreneur." ([30:09])


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