Tenacity, determination, and taking advice from women who have been there before you all contribute to your business and career success. Freelance news anchor and journalist, personal trainer, mentor, and entrepreneur Jenny Anchondo joins me to talk about her personal journey through an eating disorder to working for national television networks.

Jenny is the host of Second Shot, a podcast that talks about two news articles a week in a new light. She started her career by driving her highlight reel around the country and meeting with news executives to secure her first role as a writer. But all the while, she was struggling with and through an eating disorder.

After ongoing outpatient rehab, Jenny is proud of the steps she’s taken to reclaim her life. She recommends that every single person, whether they’ve gone through addiction or disorder or not, take the time to go deep into their own self-discovery. It’s hard work, but it’s so worthwhile and you will come out of it stronger and with a much better sense of who you are.

Jenny is a firm believer in the power of positive mentorship. She found a mentor in a news anchor who advised her that her highlights reel was not going to get her hired, and she recommended Jenny drive around the country so producers could meet her face-to-face and see her personality. Women can have incredibly positive impacts on your life, both personal and business, and everyone should endeavor to have mentors in their lives.

As a broadcast journalist, Jenny has experienced her fair share of rejections and “no’s”. Every entrepreneur on this planet has been told “no” at one point or another as well. While the easy thing to do is crumble at the rejection, you need to look for the positive side of that “no” to see it as a new opportunity.

Lastly, Jenny explains how she’s naturally a pessimistic person, but she’s learned to reframe her mindset. Now, Jenny looks for the miracle in everyday life. The good things that happen every day that you might be taking for granted. 

How do you see the good every day? Do you have a positive mentor in your life? How do you handle rejection?

In This Episode:

  • Why you should make time to do the deep, hard work into self-discovery
  • How tenacity will help you get ahead in your career
  • What role other women in mentorship positions can have in your life
  • Why we all need to seek out mentors who will help guide us, give us constructive criticism, and support
  • How you can look on the positive side of a “no”
  • Why you need to reframe your mindset to look for the miracles in your life


“It was really just continuing to show up and do the work. So often we’re looking for a secret or a workaround to hard work, but especially in the beginning of careers, it’s about continually being the person that everyone else can count on.” ([19:31])

“If somebody gives you advice, always imagine that she wants the best for you. Never question if it’s personal or anything else like that, just imagine that that person is just helping you out, it doesn’t matter what their motives are.” ([21:04])

“Just because it’s a no doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good experience to go through and to try.” ([29:28])


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