Writing copy that makes your audience, and your client's audience, take notice could be the difference between making your bills and, well, not. Laura Belgray joins me to talk about how she built her copywriting business from the ground up, almost accidentally, and what things she wished she'd prioritized when she was starting out.

Laura is an award-winning copywriter and the founder of TalkingShrimp.com. She's written TV spots for clients like NBC, Fandango and Bravo; and she helps entrepreneurs find words that make buyers go bananas. Her course with Marie Forleo, The Copy Cure, helps you find your voice and sell anything.

Laura was writing professionally for television at a job she loved, occasionally writing some copy on the side after attending an event put on by her friend, Marie Forleo. When she suddenly lost her well-paid job, she had to reexamine how she was going to start making money again. That's when she decided to take her copywriting hobby full-time, even though she hadn't really set out to do that.

She explains how, for her, her entrepreneurial journey never looked like a rollercoaster… at least not financially or with building her business. Laura's rollercoaster was purely mental and emotional.

One thing that Laura makes sure she asks herself regularly is what she would do if she won the lottery. By evaluating whether or not she'd continue working as a copywriter even if she were a millionaire, Laura solidifies the why behind her business: that she loves it, writing for clients, and creating incredible words every day.

Laura explains what she wished she knew when she first started her business. First, she would have created her email list with intent right away. Your email list is the one thing that won't ever be impacted by social media algorithms. She's also learned the power of consistent visibility: showing up online every single day.

How do you measure success? What would you do if you won the lottery? How do you create consistent content for your business?

In This Episode:

  • How you can find your entrepreneurial spirit when you aren't even looking 
  • Why some entrepreneurial journeys are more about your mental and emotional health
  • Why you should think about what you would do when you win the lottery
  • How to keep coming back to why you're doing what you're doing to fuel you forward
  • Why you should become prolific in your visibility 
  • How important having an email list is to your business


"I go through long periods where I'm so charged up and excited about everything and I want to learn and do everything and then I get into a mindset where I hate my business and hate what everyone's saying." ([17:38])

"I think the online space is so different because you've got to build rapport with somebody without really having that one-to-one connection. And it's so noisy! But it's a learning experience and if it means something to me, I'm going to keep going." ([20:48])

"Having something to sell all the time, in a way, keeps me going. I always have something to drive people to. I always have a point I can connect a story to." ([23:04]


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