So you've decided to quit your job, congratulations! Whether you're starting your own business or transitioning to a new role somewhere else, there are some guidelines you should follow. In this episode, I'm talking about the ten things I think you should know and do when you're quitting your job.

Whether you love your job or you hate it so much you'd rather do anything but, it's important for you and your reputation to leave it with grace and dignity. There'd be few things worse than burning bridges that might impact your entire future. These 10 steps will help you leave with your head held high.

First, make sure that you actually tell your boss or supervisor that you're leaving, before you tell anyone else. Workplaces are hotbeds of gossip, so if you start blabbing to your co-workers first, the narrative leaves your hands. Plus, it's just common courtesy to your supervisor, even if you didn't see eye to eye.

If you have a lot of strong emotions about your job, I always recommend writing a fictional resignation letter – one that doesn't go beyond your sight. This lets you get out all your feelings of pent out anger or even about how much you loved your job before you approach your supervisor with your real letter. Which you absolutely should do in person, but keep it professional.

And in this letter, make sure you're giving at least two week's notice – and that you're working as productively during them. You can be let go for being company dead weight. Finish these week's out working strong, training your replacement (if possible), writing your job manual, and leave with dignity, knowing you were a model employee for your last two weeks.

If you're transitioning to a new employer or even if you're going self-employed, don't bad-mouth your former one. You want to always be able to get a good reference from them. Plus, if you start spouting hate about your old employer, it actually shows a lot more about your character than how they treated you. 

Keep all these tips in mind and happy quitting!

Are you thinking of leaving your job? Have you written a fictional resignation letter? How do you plan on preserving your reputation when you're leaving your job?


In This Episode:

  • Why you need to tell your supervisor that you're quitting before anyone else
  • What power and catharsis comes with writing a fictional resignation letter
  • Why you should always give at least two weeks notice when you resign
  • How to finish your last two weeks working strong and with dignity
  • Why you need to transition from your former employer in the most respectful way possible



"Even if you have a horrible experience with an even more horrible boss, keep your resignation letter short, sweet, professional, and to the point." ([12:12])

"How you leave your current employer to go work for your new employer makes a big impact on the hiring manager at your new employer. They see it as the exact way how you would leave them." ([14:06])

"Remember, you get to leave, but your reputation and the terms you leave on are completely up to you." ([18:52])



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