Trading in a stable job with a very secure income for a life of uncertainty can be a totally daunting experience. But that’s just what Kashlee Kucheran did when she ditched her high earning real estate career to become a travel blogger. She knew she couldn’t do both successfully, so she went “all in” on her new role.

Kashlee is a travel blogger at Travel Off Path which she started in 2015 with her then-fiance, now husband. She explains how she got started in this industry and how much work getting a successful travel blog up and running is. One of the biggest things Kashlee stresses is how you’re going to learn from making mistakes, and that’s a big part of growing as a business owner.

She shares how she learned not to be afraid to ask for things. Kashlee says that at the beginning of Travel Off Path, she made horrible pitches that never got responded to, but when she mastered the art, the opportunities started to come in. She believed she could make travel blogging succeed, and had the confidence to back that up, and that’s how she stuck through the difficult times.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Kashlee shares how her mental health was so negatively impacted by Instagram, even though her and her blog were doing so well. She says that the stress of maintaining a perfectly engaged account, combined with comparing herself to other travel bloggers, was putting a strain on every part of her life. Both she and her husband had stopped actually enjoying the adventures they were on, instead, focusing on how they can make whatever they were doing more Instagrammable.

When she made the decision to start a digital detox, and completely leave Instagram for a month, it was a really scary moment. Kashlee’s anxiety over missing out and losing touch with her followers almost made her back out, but what happened when she listened to her body blew her mind. Her break actually allowed her to focus more on creating content for her blog, which led to more readers and, in turn, more income from advertisers.

Kashlee explains the most important thing when building a job online: consistency. Consistency even when you’re not feeling positive about what you’re doing is going to succeed. Her biggest takeaway from having a travel blogging business is to focus on and be in “the now.” It’s been a complete game-changer for her.

Are you thinking about drastically changing your career and are scared to go all in? Have you wondered if you have what it takes to be a travel blogger? How many hours have you spent on Instagram today?


In This Episode:

  • Why you need to go “all-in” if you want to make your new career successful
  • How do you start as a travel blogger
  • How you learn by screwing up a bunch of times
  • What power there is when you just ask
  • Why you need to keep your confidence high that your business is going to succeed
  • How social media can negatively impact your life
  • How following what’s best for your health can lead to bigger and greater opportunities
  • Why you need to maintain consistency when building a job online, even when you’re having doubts
  • What power there is in “the now”



“I think the secret is to just do it and figure it out along the way.” ([10:25])

“I’ve had some people reach out to me and say, ‘wow, how did you get that collaboration or how did you work with that brand? That’s amazing, you’re so lucky.’ And it really comes down to, well, I just asked.” ([15:07])

“I really encourage people, if they’re feeling negative feelings when they’re on Instagram, to take a social media break.” ([24:43])

“Success is just on the other side of fear. And sometimes, you just need time.” ([31:41])



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