Entrepreneurship often starts with a vision of what you want to create, but that doesn’t have to hold you back from growing and expanding your mission. Danyel Surrency Jones may have started in a corporate career, but when her husband approached with an innovative sports technology idea, she took the leap into entrepreneurship. Now, alongside POWERHANDZ, Danyel has her own successful business consulting firm.

One of the most valuable aspects of business that Danyel has grown over the years is her network. Being connected to other entrepreneurs and strategic partners has allowed for a business and growth that she wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. The only other thing she wishes she prioritized over the years was taking risks earlier because most of her risks have paid off big time.

Danyel and her husband started POWERHANDZ to sell one product, but in their 5 years of business, they’re now working in sports technology on a much broader scale. Their day 1 vision hasn’t stopped them from growing and experimenting in other aspects of business.

Danyel states that being an authentic leader has been essential in her career and growth. When she’s living and speaking her truth, Danyel has confidently led her team, even when she couldn’t be 100% certain she was leading them to success. It’s that open, honest approach that makes the difference.

Being a changemaker and a women in sports technology has not always been easy for Danyel. As a woman, she’s in two male-dominated industries, paving the way for other women to come behind her. 

Danyel says that one of the hardest parts of starting her own sports tech business has been creating her own business blueprint. She compares it to opening a franchise restaurant, where you get your entire business and marketing plan laid out before you. Sometimes you have to take risks and experiment in order to make your own print successful.

That’s why Danyel believes that entrepreneurs and business owners should be open about their business failures. Almost everyone has them and by sharing these experiences, we all help other business owners avoid these mistakes or work through them.

Do you have a day one business vision you’re excited to bring forward? How do you live as your most authentic self? What scares you about starting your own business?


In This Episode:

  • How your network is your best asset and should be nurtured and grown
  • How your company can evolve from what it started
  • Why you don’t let your day 1 vision stop you from getting to your next vision
  • How to be an authentic leader
  • What it’s like being a woman in sports and in tech
  • How do you make the right decisions when you’re starting a company and blueprint from scratch
  • Why entrepreneurs should share their failures as well as their successes



“As we look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, like any entrepreneur in hindsight, there’s certainly lessons learned. And there’s a path and things that we may have done differently. But where we’re going today gives me absolute chills.” ([15:24])

“When we talk about leading from within, it’s being able to be so authentic about who you are, where you’re able to get people to take a risk with you because of that authentic nature.” ([20:03])

“Starting a business from bootstrapping… that takes a lot of heart and a lot of gut.” ([24:08])



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