It's possible to create the life of your dreams. It takes a vision, the right attitude, and showing up consistently. That's how Elizabeth Hartke has created the life she never even knew she wanted, helping other entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7 figures while living on a farm with her beautiful, growing family.

Elizabeth realized early in her journalism career that she didn't want to trade time for dollars. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she knew there was more to life, but she had to figure out exactly what her mission was. Now, she knows that her mission is to help entrepreneurs actualize theirs.

The most important part of Elizabeth's day is the morning. She has created a morning routine that truly allows her to set the daily intention she wants for the day without the distraction of other media. 

Elizabeth wants to be present for her family but knows that she needs to dedicate time to growing her business. She's found a lot of benefit in batching her days so she completes all the work she needs to on specific days. This allows her to focus and, ultimately, be more productive.

For Elizabeth, she's learned that life has accelerated for her when she took the time to slow down. And in the same line as this, when she started outsourcing the work that took her outside her zone of genius, she was able to scale faster.

Elizabeth attributes a lot of her success to having strong, paid mentors. A good mentor who has been where you are will help you navigate obstacles along your business path. She believes that a good mentor is worth their weight in gold.

By and far, the most important aspect of business for Elizabeth has been showing up consistently. No one becomes a success overnight, but by consistently showing up and doing the work you said you were going to do, you will start to make a name for yourself.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your vision. By doing this, you're investing in your future. Always remember that the "why" is something you need to know, but the "because" is even more vital.

Do you have a morning routine? Have you invested in a mentor? Would you consider outsourcing some of your work so you can stay in your zone of genius?


In This Episode:

  • Why the way you start your day is so important to the rest of the day
  • How you can batch your days and block your time to be more productive
  • What happens when you slow down 
  • How outsourcing can help you stay in your zone of genius
  • What role a mentor has in your life and business
  • Why consistency is the most important aspect of your business
  • What happens when you invest in yourself and your vision



"People get off course when they think just 'work, work, work, work' and eventually you'll be successful but no, sometimes you can build something that is literally a cage around yourself." ([18:06])

"Accepting that I might be in business by myself but I'm not in business for myself." ([20:58])

"I had to embrace this way of thinking like 'I've gotta keep doing this. I've got to keep showing up and staying committed to what I said I was gonna do.' And that made all the difference." ([25:03])



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