Sitting there thinking about your business one day existing isn't going to make it happen. You need to get out of your own head and start doing, otherwise, how are you ever going to succeed in business? And whatever you do, don't listen to that mean little voice who exists in your head.

Trust me, she just wants to see you hold yourself back. The same goes for that voice's big sister, imposter syndrome. Yep, imposter syndrome is real and we've all been through it at one point or another. None of us are immune to thinking we don't belong in the game.

But you do.

You don't need to have a picture-perfect business with branding, business cards, a website, or anything else that makes you feel "legit" before you start selling your services. You can use these excuses as a crutch for why you're not starting, but the truth is, you just need to start.

Start by pricing and charging what you think your services are worth. You shouldn't offer your services for free or at a discount, even at the beginning of your business. By sticking to your prices, charging what you're worth, and keeping that dreaded "d-word" (discount) out of the equation, you put yourself in a business mindset. One to make money and bring you more business.

Discounting your services to anyone sets a precedent that you'll continue charging them below your market rate. And trust me when I say that discounting will just lead to resentment and unfulfilled feelings down the road. Your clients are paying for your time, your services, your equipment, and your years of experience. Value that.

How do you know you're charging what your services are worth? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? How confident do you feel about your business?


In This Episode:

  • Why you shouldn't listen to the mean voice in your head
  • What imposter syndrome actually is
  • Why you don't have to have the paper perfect business in order to start finding clients
  • How pricing and charging for your services put you in a business mindset
  • What happens when you discount your services for anyone
  • How your clients are paying for your years of experience
  • What confidence is and where you can find it



"No one is immune from the thought that we're playing in a game that we don't belong. And unfortunately, we are in the likes of some really good and accomplished company." ([7:19])

"Business is an exchange. An exchange of money for goods or services. And if you're not exchanging your services for money, then I had to break it to you, but you're not doing business. You're wasting time and you're losing money." ([9:54])

"Don't ever feel like you need to justify your pricing to anyone. Your pricing covers your service, hours, equipment, and experience." ([15:18])



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