When you're stuck in a life that doesn't feel fulfilling, you might be living outside your true purpose. But creating your own purpose-driven life and career is not outside your grasp. If Jessie Harris Bouton can actualize her dream career from professional drag racer to a successful life and business coach, so can you.

Having lost her father at age 11, Jessie spent her youth in mourning and feeling out of alignment with herself. But thanks to her stepfather, she discovered the high-risk sport of drag racing, where she competed as one of the only women in a male-dominated industry. However, Jessie knew that she was destined for more, especially motherhood.

She made the decision to take conscious control of her life, leave racing, and become a mom. Motherhood didn't fulfill Jessie the way she'd hoped, though, and found herself deeply depressed. When a book, literally, fell off the shelf, her life changed, desperate to create the life of purpose she knew was inside her.

Jessie shares how when you're creating your business, it's so easy to get distracted by Shiny Object Syndrome – seeing something someone else is doing and wanting to do it, too. She explains how you can create your own messaging, though it might involve steering clear of social media for a little while!

And during your business's formative time, you need to create a solid foundation of what your offering is before you can add to it. As Jessie knows first hand, being a coach, author, podcaster, and more, each title she's added has come after she already established solid ground. But once that's in place, you can build as high as you can.

Because Jessie believes in the power of structure. When you have a strong structure, your life and business will profit. She also is against the art of multitasking. For Jessie, it's all about going all-in on one task, giving it your full attention, then moving on to the next task. She says she's way more productive this way and that you could be, too.

Do you find yourself distracted when you're multitasking? How do you structure your day? Have you ever found yourself victim to Shiny Object Syndrome?


In This Episode:

  • What taking conscious control of your life looks like
  • How to have a purpose-driven life
  • How you can get caught up in the online business space and all the messaging out there
  • Why you should build a solid business foundation before building your entire brand
  • What the benefit of having a structure has for both your life and business
  • What the negative effect of multitasking is



"We all have an opportunity in life, lots of different times, but it's that one shot, that first impression that matters." ([10:17])

"I think I'm Mom of the Year, I'm not the best, right? But in the grand scheme of it, when push comes to shove, for your babies, you'll just figure it out and do it. But, man, you will give up on yourself when you are building your business in an instant." ([22:04])

"It is so easy when you're stuck to get distracted and influenced in the wrong ways that are not true to you." ([33:17])



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