Balancing motherhood and your own business can be a challenge, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to? Katie Fleming joins me to talk about how she successfully navigates all her roles and teaches other moms to do the same thing.

Katie is the host of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast and she helps moms reach 6 figures in their businesses. Katie was building her first online business 6 years ago when she had her first child and found that she couldn’t show up for herself and her clients the same way. That’s when she started manging both her and her client’s expectations about how she does business, and finally transitioned to coaching other moms to do the same.

Katie learned that when you push the boundaries on what you think is possible, amazing opportunities show up. She shares with us what she thinks are the key differences between being an entrepreneur and an online entrepreneur – because there are definitely some big differences, especially in how you market yourself. Katie explains what lead and lag indicators are, key terms you don’t often hear in online business, 

Building and maintaining relationships online are essential for a successful online business. You can’t rely on foot traffic the way you can with a brick and mortar, so getting your face out there becomes that much more important.

Katie shares about a time she was ready to throw in the towel on her own business. This was before she set healthy boundaries! But instead of giving up altogether, she used the foundation she already had in place and built her new business on top of it, pivoting where she could and relying on her strengths. Finally, Katie tells us the tactics she employs to transition from work Katie to home Katie.

Are you struggling to turn your work self off at the end of the workday? Do you wish you could build your successful business working less than 20 hours per week? How can you manage your client’s expectations to allow yourself more downtime in your week?


In This Episode:

  • Why you should always push the boundaries on what you think is possible
  • How you can manage your client’s expectations when you’re working online
  • What the differences between being an entrepreneur and an online entrepreneur are
  • What are lead and lag indicators and how you can apply them to online business
  • Why building relationships is essential in online business
  • How you can pivot from your throw-in-the-towel moments
  • How you can transition from work to home life



“What’s cool about my journey is that it’s all led to me building a business and life that I love. I’m big on not delaying the ideal life you want to live today, let’s figure out how to make the business fit into that and start living in that now.” ([9:57])

“Yes, you can have a business while raising your kids, but you’re going to have to do it a little bit differently and your journey won’t look like someone else’s.” ([17:00])

“As females, we tend towards that overproduction hustle. When we step out of that hustle and just rest and be present, that is where so much of our ideas, inspiration, and value can come from.” ([19:46])



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