Entrepreneurship is about embracing the highs and lows and everything in between. Successful entrepreneurs learn to ride this wave by putting systems and tactics in place to deal with the low points. Gabrielle Chipeur joins me to talk about how she built a successful marketing automation and graphic design business, despite the rocky road.

Gabrielle is the author of Secret Weapon: Attract the Best Clients, Charge What You’re Worth and Fall in Love With Your Work Again. Throughout her years as a freelancer, she’s developed techniques that have helped her secure a regular and profitable client base. Her first piece of advice is the importance of mindset: a positive and growth mindset will impact the success of your business, whereas a negative and scarcity mindset will have the oppositive effect.

Building a referral network is one of the most reliable methods of growing your client base. Gabrielle owes a lot of her success to her referral network. She grew it by making a habit of asking all of her existing clients if they had anyone in their network to refer her to.

When a tech mishap had her sending emails daily for 6 days, instead of 6 weeks, Gabrielle felt like she might lose some clients. However, she learned through this error that following up often can actually be really beneficial to your business. She shares with us what the perfect follow-up method is.

Standing out in a crowded market is a problem many entrepreneurs face. Gabrielle talks about how she manages to stay unique and attract her clients. She also explains why being fully booked-out is actually problematic – the reason might surprise you!

Are you dreaming of being a full-booked service provider? How can you start growing your referral network? Do you have the perfect follow-up method for your business?


In This Episode:

  • What happens when you go through the feast and famine cycle as an entrepreneur
  • How mindset can impact how successful your business is
  • How to build a strong referral network
  • What the perfect follow-up method is
  • How you can stand out in a crowded market
  • What the problem with being fully booked out is
  • Why you should figure out what your strengths are and make those your service offers



“I just decided that I was going to be completely invested in the outcome of my client’s projects. That made a huge deal to how much they loved working with me and constantly came back again and again.” ([21:33])

“Part of being a creative service provider is being able to grow. When we’re super focused on our client work, it can be hard to fit in how to grow and invest in ourselves in and amongst all that client work.” ([27:34])

“When you realize what your strengths are, then you can examine what sort of services you can offer based on your strengths.” ([30:51])



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