Heading into the new year, we need to think about not just the health of our business, but our body’s health, as well. As entrepreneurs, we’re more likely to prioritize our business and family over our own health, but this will be detrimental in the long run! Christine Hronec is the founder of Gauge Girl Training, LLC and she joins me to talk about how she helps women achieve true and sustainable weight loss.

Christine is a chemical engineer by trade who built a factory from the ground up where she produced supplements for other businesses. She always struggled to reach the physique that she desired for her body, so she decided to start using these supplements. This led her to learn more about nutrition and macros, applying the principles to her body and sharing her progress on Instagram. 

She set herself a personal challenge to get the body she always wanted, but because she was sharing her progress on Instagram, more people wanted to learn her secrets. This led Christine to start Gauge Girl Training, where she uses her engineering background coupled with all her nutrition research to help others achieve their ideal body weight and physique.

But Christine didn’t leap from her full-time job straight into Gauge Girl Training. She made sure her business was sustainable and could support her fully before making the transition.

In this episode, Christine shares what her approach to fat loss is. It’s something that everyone can employ, regardless of what their diet preferences are. She also explains how she built her client base by using YouTube to reach her audience in a much simpler and explanatory way.

Christine explains some of the simple ways we can change our diets so that we get the best start heading into 2020. One of the biggest things Christine encourages us to do is to cut or at least reduce the amount of sugar we consume. Sugar is by far one of the most addictive substances out there and it’s incredibly harmful to our bodies.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle for the better this year? How can you employ simple diet swaps to improve your health dramatically? What ways can you use YouTube or other social media platforms to connect with your audience?


In This Episode:

  • How a personal challenge can turn into a long-term business plan
  • Why you shouldn’t quit your day job until your side business is sustainable
  • Christine’s approach to fat loss 
  • How you can use YouTube to reach your audience on their level
  • What are some simple ways you can improve your diet coming into the new year
  • Why sugar is one of the biggest toxins in our world
  • What kind of carbs you want to eat in order to regulate your insulin



“So many people think about social media you need to have millions of followers – you don’t. You just need people who are engaged with what you’re doing.” ([5:09])

“When it comes to sugar, it is 8% more addictive than cocaine. Scientifically proven.” ([21:09])

“I find that my clients are most successful when they’re excited about their food.” ([26:39])

“No mistake is fatal and final. Just keep going! It sounds simple but it’s not sometimes. Some days are harder than others but keep going. You’ve got to stay positive. You have to make your changes from a place of self-love.” ([27:43])



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