Scaling your business and building it to the next level doesn’t have to be a scary, daunting endeavor you keep putting off because you don’t know what to do. In fact, as long as you establish a solid foundation and framework, scaling your company couldn’t be easier. 

Scaling your business isn’t about hiring a full team of employees all at once, in fact, you can start by outsourcing just one part of your business! So when should you start thinking about scaling? I’d say you should start considering the process before you’re at the point where you’re turning work away – because, for a super successful business, there’s no such thing as too much work!

The first thing you need to do when you’re getting ready to scale is to create a framework that will help your company grow. In this episode of Women in Business, I explain what aspects you need to have in your framework in order for it to be successful.

Building the right team around you is essential for healthy company growth. And, more than that, your team should have the same level of excitement about your business as you do. The right team will help you scale your business to the next level.

Another aspect you need to consider when scaling your business is your company values. Make sure you’re familiar with them from early on, set them out in your framework, and hire your team around them. If the people you hire don’t fit your values when you hire them, you’re sure to have problems along the way.

There will also come a time when you’ll want, no – need, to delegate some tasks and leadership to your team. This is such a good thing and you’re going to need to trust them to get the job done their way. In the same vein, you should definitely open a channel for feedback to and from your team – you want them involved in your entire process. A solid workflow will also be beneficial.

Are you ready to scale up your business? Do you know how to create a framework that will make scaling easier? How can you open channels of communication that will help create a team you trust?


In This Episode:

  • When you should start hiring in your business
  • Why you need to create a framework for your company to grow
  • What aspects you need to have in your company scaling framework
  • Why you need to share excitement about your business with your team
  • What importance there is in defining your business’s core values
  • How you can delegate some of the leadership in order to scale your business
  • Why you need to ask your employees what they think
  • How to create a workflow that will enable scaling



“Scaling is how you set the stage and create the base structure that will enable growth in your company.” ([7:04])

“Leading a team is essential and all teams need a leader. So, build a team that shares your vision for where you desire the company to go and get the buy-in from your team and lead them to the success.” ([10:21])

“Making your onboarding process repeatable not only saves you time in the long run, but it also means you can hand off this task to a new hire and it will still be replicable.” ([18:00])



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