When your business is in making people happy, you know you’re living the good life. Adina Reyter creates beautiful, affordable, high-quality jewelry for the modern woman – even Megan Markle wears her designs – and it all started with a vision for designing something Adina wanted to wear herself.

Adina studied advertising at college and quickly got a job in this industry, but she knew she wasn’t destined to stay here. Adina longed to create, and when she saw another woman had started a jewelry line, she decided to try making her own. She started taking metalworking classes almost immediately with the intention of starting her own business, and before she knew it, her pieces were getting national attention.

Strong will and determination are two of the most important qualities you can have when starting your own business. Adina shares what other qualities she thinks made her successful in business. She also explains why tenacity is so important, and why you should strive to do your best at all times, even when you’re doing something you don’t necessarily see the benefit in.

Adina is a strong advocate of learning as you go. She had the vision to create her jewelry brand and just started. She didn’t let anything or anyone tell her it wasn’t a good idea, not that they necessarily were going to, and off she went, creating her masterpiece. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for her; Adina talks about how she navigated her business through difficult times, changes, and recessions over the years.

Adina has had to adapt her marketing strategy over the years as social media has become more popular. One of the major benefits of using social media is to react to and post about information and news as it becomes available, which is what she did when Megan Markle wore Adina Reyter jewelry on one of her first royal outings. 

Are you ready to embrace all the craziness that comes from owning your own business? How can you apply your creative talents to making money? What qualities do you have that will make you a successful business owner?

In This Episode:

  • What the most important qualities are when starting a business
  • Why you should always do your best, even when you think it doesn’t matter
  • How you can take classes with the intention of starting a business
  • Why you should just start creating your business
  • How you can navigate difficult times in your business
  • What the power of social media is for breaking news advertising
  • How you can grow but stay true to your business’s core tenants
  • Why you need to expect and embrace the crazy that comes with owning your own business


“Sometimes in life, all you have to do is what you said you were going to do. Because so many people don’t do that.” ([6:18])

“Just doing things and trying is so critical to starting a business.” ([14:48])

“I don’t believe there’s such a thing as work/life balance. I think when you’re starting a business, you’re all in.” ([29:37])


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