When women live in their truth and share their stories through business, success happens. Connection happens when you share; your audience will feel like they know you and this connection definitely helps your business grow. Eleanor Beaton is here to talk about using your story to fuel your business.

Eleanor started sharing her personal story when she lost her father to cancer and found that this vulnerability opened her up to her audience in a much more authentic way. Put yourself first and pursue your own agenda unapologetically. That’s the best way to give yourself permission to take charge of your life and business.

When you’re living and speaking in alignment with who you are and your story, you’ll find all the confidence and power you need. Eleanor really drives home the point that women who are unapologetically themselves create more space at the table for themselves and others. 

Eleanor also makes a great point that when we’re getting our businesses ready to scale, we should also make sure that WE are scalable as well. Are you in a space where you’re confident to allow yourself to grow?

Being comfortable having hard conversations is vital to your success as a female entrepreneur. Eleanor explains how you can contribute meaningfully to these conversations in order to grow. 

Finally, Eleanor talks about what you need to do in order to be aligned with your public image and visibility. From showing up authentically online to practicing what you preach, you need to be your true self at all times. It’s for the benefit of, not just you, but for your business.

Can you feel at home as yourself no matter where you are? How do you infuse your business with your personality? What can you do today to add more of yourself to your business?


In This Episode:

  • How you can share more of your personal story in your business to connect with your audience
  • Why you should always prioritize your own agenda and give yourself permission to pursue your course of action your way
  • Where confidence and power can be found
  • How you can transition to believe you belong in all the rooms
  • Why YOUR scalability matters as much as the scalability of your business
  • How you can contribute meaningfully to the conversation
  • What you need to do in order to be aligned with your public image and visibility



“Women’s stories and women’s voices are missing. We as women in leadership can’t be what you can’t see.” ([8:06])

“What gets us to the next place is about relinquishing that control, building a team, coordinating people behind that vision, and owning your piece of that, but understanding that owning a piece of it means that you can’t own the whole thing.” ([19:55])

“What we’re ultimately trying to do is change the face of business to really make it more diverse, to really bring more women to the tables, and I think we’ve got to do that inside our big power structures, which are still major corporates, and we also have to change it from the outside, too, through that movement of women’s entrepreneurship.” ([26:03])

“When you’re in the arena, it’s so interesting the way the nature of the conversation between two people who are in the arena getting their butt kicked is completely different than the peanut gallery.” ([37:45])



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