Do you ever feel like you’re walking a tightrope between commitment to your business and commitment to your partner? You are definitely not alone – this predicament is common with entrepreneurs who find so much joy in their business. Anna Osbourn joins me again to talk about how to set healthy boundaries so you can prioritize all the loves in your life.

The busier we get with our business, the less we communicate with our partner about what’s going on. Whether they don’t want us to talk non-stop about our business so we don’t share, we get too stuck in our own head, or a combination, clamming up about all aspects of our lives is never the way forward. You should endeavor to share your busy business news with your partner.

Anna explains what happens when you identify as your business and struggle to see a separation between the two. It can lead to feelings of resentment, especially if your partner doesn’t want to hear about your business 24/7, you might feel like they don’t want to hear about YOU. That’s why it’s vital that you separate your identity from your business – after all, being a business owner is only a part of who you are.

Anna shares one of her favorite pieces of advice, especially during busy business periods. Recognizing when you’ve done enough for the day is an important aspect of setting healthy boundaries. We all need that time to decompress and switch off, so she recommends adopting the mantra, “I’ve done enough for today”.

Another important part of setting healthy boundaries is to give yourself space to work ON your business and let your creative streak loose. You might come up with some pretty incredible business breakthroughs!

Anna also tells us why you need to set some strict boundaries of when you talk about work. Set yourself a cut-off time – is it at 5pm? After dinner? Dessert? Whenever you decide you won’t talk about work anymore, make sure you stick to that time. Spend the rest of your day with your family and reconnecting with your partner.

Lastly, Anna actually tells me off a little bit, because I admitted I felt a certain amount of shame or guilt about setting boundaries. In no uncertain terms should you feel guilt from either your business or your partner for deciding where to set your boundaries.

Who’s opinion are you valuing? Do you have a cut off time for when you stop talking about your business? How do you prioritize your relationship with your partner?


In This Episode:

  • Why we tend to be more uncommunicative when we’re busier
  • How identifying as your business can lead to feelings of resentment
  • Why you need to realize when you’ve done enough work for the day
  • What happens when you give yourself time to work on your business, not in your business
  • How to set boundaries between work and relationship talk
  • Why you shouldn’t feel any shame or guilt about setting your boundaries



“Our business is not the sole determinant of us as valuable beings. And actually, when we look at boundaries when folks identify themselves as their business will struggle more boundaries when it comes to how that bleeds into or negatively impacts their relationship.” ([5:24])

“We can’t always be in the grind and the hustle, that’s not sustainable. So it’s looking at the season of our business: are we in growth mode? Are we in maintenance mode? Are we in scaling and leveraging? Where are we at? And what are the set of expectations that we have on that and how do we communicate that and collaborate with our partner so they also have a voice into this, because it impacts the relationship.” ([9:39])

“Sister, no! Other people’s opinions are none of your business. And if people need you to stay small to keep them happy, that ain’t gonna work!” ([29:43])



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