Confrontation. Even just the word itself can cause some people to break out in a cold sweat, dreading the conversation they have to have. And, I promise, every business has moments of confrontation at some point or another, and not many people actually like it or go about it in a healthy way.

In this episode of Women in Business, I’m talking about how we can approach confrontation with confidence. The first thing you need to do is to set boundaries for your business. Who you serve, why you serve them, and what your because is. By knowing these aspects of your business as well as your core values, you’ll have the best sense to know who you want to work with.

Next, you need to get real comfortable with saying “no.” And while it is a complete sentence, you can always refer a potential client on to someone else who they’d be a yes for. Trust me when I say that when you say no to opportunities that don’t serve you, you’re opening yourself up for so many others that absolutely scream YES.

You also need to be confident in your prices. There will inevitably come a time when a client wants to negotiate on your prices – but you should never, ever do that. If they can’t afford your services, you can consider creating a custom package for them that offers fewer services for less money, but you should never lower your rates.

Lastly, it’s all about how to actually fire that bad client. We’ve all been there, where we take someone on only to realize they’re not a great client – and may even be what I call a pain in the *ss (PITA). I give you a couple of tips for how to have those direct confrontational conversations and fire those clients.

Have you ever had to fire a client? How have you ensured your business has boundaries? Are you comfortable with saying no?


In This Episode:

  • Why you need to set boundaries about who your business serves
  • Why you need to know your “why” and your “because” in order to grow your business
  • How saying no can help open you up to opportunities that make you scream yes
  • How to stand firm in your rates and prices
  • Why you should adjust the package to fit your client’s budget, but never lower the price for the same amount of work
  • How to fire a bad client



“There are times when saying no to people who are willing to pay you will actually help you grow more than saying yes will. It sounds counterproductive, but it’s true” ([7:34])

“Whenever a situation arises that doesn’t serve your business core values, then your answer should be no. But, if you have a potential referral source for them, then give them that name.” ([12:04])

“Think of your pricing as just a number. It’s non-negotiable. And bonus, you don’t have to justify it, either.” ([18:44])



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