When you know you have a winning business idea, you need to stick with it, even if the initial launch isn’t as successful as you’d like. That’s what Dr. Mary Claire Haver discovered when she first started teaching others about her anti-inflammatory way of eating, called The Galveston Diet.

Mary went back to medical school as an older student, discovering an interest in OBGYN studies. But when she found out first hand that the diet and exercise advice she was giving her patients going through menopause didn’t work that well, she set about finding the solution. After years of study and self-experimentation, The Galveston Diet was developed and shared with her friends before she started sharing online.

Mary describes how inflammatory foods are so common in our diet that we probably don’t even realize we’re eating them regularly. When she first started her journey through inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods, she shared with the group that she had built online for a direct marketing business. People were incredibly interested in learning what she was doing.

When Mary’s first foray into sharing her diet didn’t go as planned, it was recommended she start a course teaching The Galveston Method. This simple act changed the course of her business and brought her to 6 figures within the first year of business. But it wasn’t without hitches, she hired someone for Facebook ads without a contract and did not get what she paid for.

One aspect of her day that Mary denotes much of her success is her morning routine that includes meditation and gratitude. By incorporating good habits into our everyday life, you make living healthier, in alignment with the Universe, and at a higher vibration a real possibility. Lastly, Mary shares some of the foods you should eat when you’re following an anti-inflammatory diet are.

How can you include a daily gratitude practice in your life? What foods do you eat that don’t serve you living a healthier life? Have you considered starting your own online course?


In This Episode:

  • How you can be eating inflammatory foods without even realizing it
  • What happens when you share your own journey
  • How creating an online course can change the trajectory of your business
  • Why you should always get a contract up-front
  • How practicing gratitude can impact your business and life
  • What you should eat for an anti-inflammatory diet
  • How you can incorporate good habits into your day



“I take 10 minutes and I do a guided meditation through an app. I take my little journal and I have things that I give up to the Universe every day and it’s that magical act of just writing it down that lifts it off my shoulders.” ([19:58])

“The quality of the food that people are eating on a regular basis has decreased so much that the levels of chronic inflammation, long-term, has skyrocketed and it’s leading to obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancers.” ([28:31])

“As a society, we have built these insane schedules, busy lives, and kids’ lives around convenience foods. Not having to think about your nutrition and just winging it, and that’s what’s gotten us to where we are.” ([31:35])



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