In this age of digital disconnection and overwhelm, making personal connections with your audience is more important than ever. After smashing into the online business scene back in 2007, Amber Vilhauer has seen all the shifting trends of the industry, and personal connections top her list of the best advice.

Amber shares with us some stories of dark days from her childhood; but rather than using these experiences to feel sorry for herself, she’s learned and grown from then to become the woman she is now. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and all that.

Since she’s been in the online business space since 2007, Amber has seen so many trends come and go. The worrying thing that’s happening now, however, is that influencers report feeling disconnected from their audiences and that social media doesn’t have the reach and impact it once did.

This is why Amber is passionate about showing up as your true, authentic, and vulnerable self and making personal connections with your community. It’s no longer about your follower count, but your community engagement that impacts your business growth. For Amber, she thinks of personal connection in how she can elevate each individual experience to be the best possible, making the person she’s connecting with feel truly appreciated and special in those moments.

One of the best ways to make personal connections easier is to utilize video. Put all your effort into creating videos! These videos can be used to welcome and guide people through your website, explain to your audience what action you want them to take, streamline your sales process, and more. When your face is in video and you’re showing your unique personality, your audience will feel more connected with you pretty instantly.

How do you connect on a personal level with your audience? Have you started putting your energy into video and video marketing?  Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • How the darkest days of our lives mold us to be the people we become
  • Why you need to build personal connections with your audience
  • How the quality of your community impacts your growth
  • What the importance of personal connection is
  • Why you should think about how you can elevate each experience
  • What happens when you step into who you actually are rather than who you think you should be
  • Why you should put your efforts into video marketing
  • How video helps your clients feel like you’re there without having to physically be present 
  • How using video can streamline your sales process
  • Why your website should be a unique experience



“What I’m seeing is that we’re in the midst of a major connection crisis. And we now have to now figure out ways to develop personal connections with each person that learns about our work, regardless of expectation of that working or networking relationship is going to look like. It really is about building personal connection.” ([14:09])

“When you have personal connection with people, they want to give back to you because it feels good to give.” ([19:02])

“If you’re not suggesting to people how they move through your organization, they likely won’t know what to do and will just leave.” ([30:40])



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