You don't have to be a naturally confident person when you start your business, but you do need to learn how to be more confident in order to have true success. Julie Reisler, CEO of Julie Reisler International and host of The You-est You podcast, joins me to talk about how to find true confidence by stepping into your highest purpose.

For Julie, it was a journey of years that took her through many self-help and support group programs that led her to the realization that she absolutely loved helping and advising other people. She describes how she was able to tap into herself and discover that her highest potential is to help guide others in finding their own path.

Julie is a firm believer in trusting her intuition. She explains the process she uses to question hers and what results this has brought her and her career. She also shares the importance of being over doing, even though as humans, we're far more comfortable doing.

As Julie has published her meditations on the Insight Timer app, she believes that meditation is a big part of finding our true alignment. She explains how even those of us with the busiest of minds can learn to find the calm that meditation brings. 

By finding her true calling, Julie has found out what actually happens when your entire heart and soul go into your business. Her business is in six-figures after just a handful of years and she owes this success to following her intuition. By trusting herself and her intuitive guidance, Julie stepped into her confidence to own what she teaches.

Julie shares the steps you can take to find your own confidence, even if you've never been a naturally confident person. She explains why walking in your purpose doesn't come naturally to us and what happens when we do. Julie also guides us through creating a routine that encourages our state of being.

Are you ready to find the confidence to walk in your true purpose? What do you know your calling is? Or if you're not sure, what do you think is blocking you from your truth? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • How to tap into yourself and find your highest potential
  • Why you should ask your intuition if you have a question about your direction
  • Where being exists compared to doing
  • How to quiet your mind in order to meditate
  • What happens when you put your entire heart and soul, intuitively, into your business
  • What steps you can take to start your own business when you have no idea
  • How your intuition will help you step into your confidence
  • Where you can find your confidence
  • Why it's difficult to walk in your purpose
  • How to create a routine to encourage being overdoing



"I really think this inner wisdom, this intuition, is something that is within and is more of a listening and receiving, less of a doing and a pushing. You have to be in that mode in order to hear it." ([14:40])

"Once you start to really understand, feel, and sense how to work with your intuition, it will never steer you wrong. A lot of my confidence is in this sense of knowingness." ([30:29])

"A great way to build confidence is to keep evidence of what's working and what people want from you, what's natural, where you thrive easily. That's often the place that we're meant to be." ([31:42])



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