Starting your own business is such an incredible feeling! I want you to start on the best footing possible: by giving you give business tips every female entrepreneur needs to know. These tips will help you avoid the common mistakes many women in business make while scaling!

First things first – you NEED to have a contract for every single business interaction you have. Trust me. You don't need to be embarrassed or feel awkward about getting your work agreement in writing. Nine times out of ten it's just a formality, but there could be a time when you need to refer back to your contract, so make sure you have one!

Next, we're talking about how you can start your business off on the right foot from day one. This means registering your business and setting up a separate bank account so you can start trading the right way.

And, as easy as it is to put another business on blast for some BS they pulled with you, I really, truly, honestly recommend NOT doing that. Burning bridges is not the way to handle sour relations. Keep your head up, take the high road, and, if that's not enough, take them to court. But don't drag them through the mud – that just reflects badly on you.

You also definitely need to face your fear and get comfortable asking for what you want. This goes for both asking for your WORTH and for potential opportunities and networking. Not only will your business relationship improve, but I guarantee so will your confidence and bank balance.

Finally, I urge you to believe in yourself. When you do, and when you respect yourself, your business, your work, and what you stand for, guess what? So will other people.

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In This Episode:

  • Why you should always use a contract
  • How you can get your finances straight from day 1 of your business
  • Why you absolutely need to have a separate business bank account
  • What happens when you burn bridges in your business journey
  • How to face your fear and ask for what you want
  • What happens when you're confident of your worth
  • Why you need to stand up for what you believe in and earn respect



"You contract, and more importantly your client's signature equates to nothing but pure gold. And without having a written, agreed upon, and mutually signed agreement in your hot little hands, you're better off holding pixie dust." ([4:55])

"You cannot control other people and their poor ways of handling situations. But the one thing you do have complete control over is how you handle yourself and your business." ([15:03])

"We need to be it til we believe it. Your worth and your confidence will come from taking baby steps or huge leaps, whatever you're comfortable with, to be the woman you admire." ([17:28])

"Don't be afraid to speak up because earned respect starts with YOU respecting your first." ([21:32])




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