Discovering what sets your soul on fire and living every day working towards that purpose makes even the hard days that bit easier. Because when you're walking in line with your passion and purpose, you become even more driven and determined. Dr. Sharon Spano is here to talk about how becoming an advocate for her disabled son lit a passion in her to help other women bring their family life in line with their business goals.

Sharon created a life where the advocacy work she was doing for her son when she was speaking up on his behalf for his healthcare and life turned into a career coaching other women on how their family needs to be considered when pursuing their business. For many in business, balancing family and work simply wasn't done. But she's inspired by this new wave of CEOs emerging that exist without the stress and pressures their predecessors experienced.

While Sharon has been in this line of work for many years, when she first started, career speaking wasn't really done. But speaking about her adversity, standing up for what she believed in, and exploring options ignited a career spanning decades – and one that allowed her to be present for the last years of her son's life.

The thing that helped Sharon cope with the loss of her son was being clear about her purpose. She knew that the work she was doing was important to other women. But, more than this, it was the drive and passion that Sharon held for her career that kept her going over these many hard years.

Sharon urges women to be confident in their abilities. So many of us shy away from compliments, brush off how good we actually are at something, and, let's just say we're the masters of deflection. But when we own what we're good at? Accept it and embrace it? Women, we are unstoppable!!

One tool that Sharon is adamant about is creating a mission statement. By detailing exactly what your mission in life and business is, you work every day to get you one step closer to your highest potential.

Are you living in your highest purpose? Do you have a mission statement that drives what you do? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • What the new wave of CEOs looks like
  • How adversity and speaking what you believe in can ignite a career
  • Why you need to be clear about your purpose
  • What happens when you own what you're good at 
  • How a mission statement helps you reach your highest potential



"There are many amazing, great things happening in this country. From the very small mom and pop or woman business owner, into these people that are building these platforms and it's just a very exciting time. You can basically take your idea and be whatever you want to be." ([8:40])

"Every family system has its story. I really believe that when you just lean into what is, that is how we move through it with grace and then have a better opportunity to grow from it and come out the other side in greater service to humanity as a result of that experience." ([13:28])

"I stay focused on how can I, as one woman, do my part to make the world a better place every day?" ([32:23])

"I think that the world is waiting for us to step up into leadership roles. The world needs us to do that." ([34:13])




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