Finding your passion and asking for feedback are two of the best qualities to have when you're starting and building your own business. Especially when you find yourself an accidental entrepreneur, like Angela Jia Kim, owner of Savor Beauty, who joins me today to talk about how she discovered her true passion for self-love.

Angela explains how she became an accidental entrepreneur and the decision she made to leave professional music for skincare. She shares the qualities she learned from playing the piano and how these characteristics helped drive her success in business. These, combined with her habit of asking for feedback, has been a catalyst for Angela's continued success in building a household brand name.

On the same now, Angela encourages anyone who's been turned down for a job to ask for feedback on their application and interview. This goes for online pitches, too!

More than anything, Angela attributes her success to being passionate about what she's doing. When she started treating her skin like the most expensive piece of silk, she revealed within herself a deep longing for self-love that has led her on a whole new journey. Now, Angela is living as her true, authentic self, sharing her journey and rediscovery along the way. 

Because Angela has been treating herself with the kindness and love she knows she deserves, her confidence has been increasing, along with her happiness and presence around others. She encourages you, too, to practice self-love to help build your confidence, as these two characteristics truly go hand-in-hand.

Have you developed a self-love routine that lets you feel more confident in your own skin? How can you encourage others around you to feel more confident in their abilities? Let me know in the comments on the episode page!


In This Episode:

  • How you can become an accidental entrepreneur
  • What the great characteristics of success are
  • Why you need to be passionate about your business
  • Why you should ask for feedback if you don't get a job
  • How to include your growing children in your business to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and success mindset
  • What the journey for authenticity can look like
  • Why you should treat yourself to build your confidence and self-love
  • Where to find confidence in what you think



"Pour passion and love into what you're doing because eventually if you keep doing that and getting the word out, people are going to feel that love. It's contagious." ([15:44])

"I think feedback is such an important piece of the puzzle that can help you grow exponentially if you just ask." ([17:08])

"I don't do anything unless I'm passionate about it. Because I feel it. When there's passion missing, and there's love missing, my heart's not in it. And when your heart's not in it, there's no magic." ([31:42])



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