Amanda Walker is a Health and Life (Healthstyle) Coach who empowers women to feel amazing naked.  She is the creator of the Feel Amazing Naked Program and the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast.

Amanda uses a “WHOLE”istic, no B.S., approach to coaching and blends strategy, skill and mindset to help clients unearth the root causes of their struggles with food, body and mind to help them create the life they crave. She is passionate about challenging clients to create more time in their life for healthy living and giving them tools to get out of their own way to lead their fullest life possible.

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Dr. Cortney Baker is an award-winning entrepreneur, host of the podcast Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs, TEDx speaker, and a nationally recognized authority on women’s leadership. She has been featured on FOX News, Forbes, iHeart Radio, and Huffington Post, among other publications. As a leadership expert, mentor and business coach to female entrepreneurs and mother of three, she is passionate about empowering women to close the gender gap through the power of entrepreneurship. Dr. Cortney is the author of the best-selling book The Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively and her most recent book, Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling. Dr. Cortney was named the 2016/2017 Texas Business Woman of the Year, and the Top 100 in Healthcare in America. She’s the founder and CEO of KidsCare Home Health, a multi-million dollar healthcare organization with 11 locations across Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. She holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University, where she concentrated her studies on understanding and advancing women to the highest levels of leadership. Dr. Cortney resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, daughters, dogs, and rescue kitty.

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