Jessica Zimmerman's story started when she tragically lost her sister in a car accident at the young age of 3. It changed her life forever and she knew that tomorrow is not promised. She decided early on that she was going to live life on her own terms and run her own business so she could spend every second of her day with the people she loves. 


When she was 28 she bought a wedding rental business. To save money and try and turn a profit, she was doing all of the work herself and working 16 hour days. However, when she realized that her daughter didn’t want to come to her at the end of the day because she wasn’t ever around, she knew that something had to change. One of the main reasons she went into business was so that she could be a present mom. Frustrated, she pivoted her business to floral design only and started living her life the way she really wanted to. After this change, she started making 7 figures while working 6 hours a day. She had so much success, in fact, that she created a course to teach others how to do it called The Business Behind The Blooms. 


When Jessica's husband fell very ill, they both went on a journey of self discovery that changed their whole perspective on life. She wrote her book Sleeping With A Stranger to share her story in a vulnerable way. She shares what she went through and how she created a life that gives her purpose while sharing her story and strategies with others. 


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