Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is an autism parenting strategist, transformational speaker and certified professional coach. As a mom of a child living with autism, speech language pathologist and audiologist, this inspired her to become a #1 best-selling author of Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance.  


In this episode, Dr. Ali tells us about how she got started as an audiologist and speech pathologist. She worked with kids with different needs and loved what she did. When she received the diagnosis that her son had autism, it rocked her world. This created an even greater passion in her to help others in a similar position. She made it her mission to learn as much as she can and simplify it to help other parents of children with special needs. Dr. Ali shares with us how she deals with overwhelm in her business, the kind of  people that align with her values, and how she copes as a mom of a child with autism. She also shares her number one key to business success: never giving up


 Dr. Ali has helped many to SHIFT their negative self-talk towards positive energy power by believing  in their unique strengths, differences and gifts. In April 2019, she proudly released her podcast The Dr. Ali Griffith Show: Mindset, Meditation and Motivation with over 6000 downloads. As seen on media outlets such as NBC, CBS, CW and more, the show’s topics have included, Unsubscribe from Negativity, From Fear to Freedom and Au Meditation Moments. 

Here’s Where You Can Find Dr. Ali:

Website: http://www.draligriffith.com

Podcast: The Dr. Ali Griffith Show: Mindset, Meditation, and Motivation

Instagram: @Draligriffith

Facebook: @Draligriffith

Book: Au-Mazing Gift: A Journey To Autism Acceptance


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