Today’s guest is Darnyelle Jervey Harmon. She has an MBA and is an award winning CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, a business growth consultancy in Newark, Delaware. She is best known for helping six-figure service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners transform their life by connecting mindset, messaging, and marketing to sales and systems so they can scale and leverage their businesses to the seven-figure mark sooner while deepening their connection with God, increasing faith, and becoming better leaders who shake the planet. 

In this episode Darnyel shares how, at birth, doctors thought she would not make it because her mother was addicted to drugs while carrying her, but then went on to accomplish extraordinary feats despite her start in life. After graduating, she left her full time corporate job for do-it-yourself entrepreneurship. She went from filing bankruptcy to having her first million dollar year within just four years. She taught herself money management and how to recognize her own self-worth and not seek validation in outside sources. She made it her mission to show people what is possible, how to become the best version of themselves, and how build a business around that. 

Darnyelle is a spiritual business growth strategist. She combines spiritual principles with business growth strategy. She helps her clients grow their business faster than they could on their own and helps them create an infrastructure that supports them both financially and spiritually. Her goal: to help entrepreneurs make the most money that God will allow with the least amount of effort. 

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