Mary Grothe is a keynote speaker, CEO, published author, and former #1 B2B MidMarket SaaS Sales Rep for a Fortune 1000 Payroll & HR Company. After selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, she formed her own company, Sales BQ. She profitably grows the revenue of companies across the country by focusing on BQ- the behavioral quotient along with proven inbound and outbound strategies. 


In this episode, Mary shares how her difficult life circumstances shaped her into the woman she is today. At 22, Mary found a new life for herself as an administrative assistant at a MidMarket B2B sales company where she worked under the #1 sales rep in the country who became her mentor. She realized that sales was her passion and earned a spot on the team where she quickly rose to the top and sold millions. She started training reps to teach others to do the same and fell in love with coaching. After that she went on to be the VP of Sales and Marketing for a smaller company and helped this new business grow into a huge success before she decided to start her own company. As the founder of her own business, she helped 36 business owners in 3 years grow their profit. With her experience, she knew she had the ability to do more. She started Sales BQ and now has clients all across the country. She helps rebuild sales, marketing, and customer success engines with one holistic revenue strategy to help transform their businesses. 


Mary shares how she used to be afraid to be her truest self and let others know what she truly believed in. She tells us how she came to find Christ and how her faith came to shape her core principles. Mary’s love of Jesus helped her face her fears and allowed her to live her purpose. 


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