Have you ever felt like you could achieve so much but you just struggle to believe in yourself? In today’s episode, we chat with Margaret Cogswell. Margaret and her husband Blake run her business, MCD Business and Marketing. 

Margaret Cogswell grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and loved art from a very early age. She wrote her first book at the age of 4. She went to a prestigious art college and majored in interactive design and game development. Her education taught her to never fear learning something new and the value of working together with others to build amazing things. Her first job was as a project manager at a book publishing company where she was quickly promoted to managing book layouts. While she loved what she did, she knew she was capable of more and left in 2013 to start her own design business. 

She learned the hard way what it takes to believe in yourself and find success. After a rocky road, she learned to build her confidence in herself and grow her business to six figures. In this episode, Margaret tells us about her incredible journey to turn off her own inner critic and become the woman she needed to be in order to achieve all of her business dreams and even retire her husband while helping other women creatively build their businesses. 

Here's where you can find more from Margaret.

Website: margaretcogswell.com

Facebook: @margaretcogswelldesigns

Instagram: @margaretanncogswell

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