Today we are joined by Aubree Nichols. A Texas native, her intention is to illuminate the darkness so that others may live in the light. Writing for The Week, Elite Daily and Observer helped her to become a resonant voice in the self-love movement, which she believes is the ultimate love story.

Her proprietary workshop, Stoked! helps teams get unstuck and ignites breakthrough thinking. As a brand strategist, her approach is founded in the belief that creativity and effectiveness can co-exist. She earned an Effie for her work on the SAAB “Born From Jets” campaign that increased sales 37% within 1 year. As a researcher, she uncovers insights by asking good questions, listening for the unspoken and talking to respondents as dear friends.

After spending 10 years in NYC ad agencies, she knew it wasn’t the right path for her. She got her Masters Degree in Organizational Change and started her own business to help do a lot of internal work within organizations. In this episode, Aubree shares her journey of how she came to really love herself, be authentic, take up space, and speak her truth. She is working on a book titled Enough, about how she stopped searching, starving, and striving and became the woman of her dreams. Aubree truly believes that self love heals all and that is the message she feels she is here to spread. 

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