In business, many of us have felt out of place or like we don’t know what we are doing at some point or another. This is a totally normal occurrence called imposter syndrome. If you have ever struggled with imposter syndrome, this episode is for you. Today we sat down with Jill McAbe, a Business Coach, High-Performance Expert and Amazon-Best Selling Author of It’s Go Time: The All-In System For Unstoppable Success in Business and Life.  She tells us about her journey and how she went from battling a bad case of imposter syndrome, to finding her purpose in life and making a difference with her business. 

After seven grueling years as a celebrated restaurateur, 10+ years as a growth consultant to entrepreneurs, and a car accident that nearly took her life, Jill realized she couldn't spend another minute on a business that wasn't perfect for her in every way. So at 48 she turned her business consulting skills on herself, discovered her purpose and started BOOM-U, an agency that helps talented creatives, coaches, and professionals design and build purposeful, 6 & 7 figure service-based businesses that work on-or-offline.  

Jill shares her experience working with many different  business owners and how she helped them go from having imposter syndrome to achieving their dream business goals. Jill shares step by step how to find your life's purpose and how to use it to create an incredible life.

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