Today we are joined by Deborrah Ashley. Deborrah is a marketing strategist, consultant, and LinkedIn trainer who works with clients to develop B2B and B2C LinkedIn strategies to grow and develop not only their businesses, but their personal brands too. Deborrah has a background including two decades in brand management, marketing communications and business development where she used her unique style and launch strategies to generate over 300 million for companies and startups. She has been featured in a variety of media including Oprah Magazine, Black Entertainment Magazine, and the New York Times for her innovative strategies. 

Deborrah was born in England and grew up in New York. She graduated early at the young age of 16 and studied public relations at Mansfield University and received her MBA from Temple University. On a trip to London with her family, she loved the hosiery there but found that it wasn’t available in New York. This led her to start her own successful hosiery business, Luxe Legwear. She later started a social media management business on Instagram and then shifted to LinkedIn marketing.

Today, she shares with us how she now helps businesses work marketing into their LinkedIn strategies using content, engagement, and visibility strategy to win more business and speaking opportunities. If you are just getting started on LinkedIn or if you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while, Deborrah has a quiz that you can take to find out if your profile is attracting or deterring clients. By taking her quiz, you’ll be entered her giveaway. Take the quiz here.

Deborrah has a new book titled “InSIDER-How To Leverage LinkedIn To Stand Out As The Industry Leader” that you can find by going to

Here’s where you can find more from Deborah: 


Hosiery Business: Luxe Legwear

Facebook: Deborrah Ashley

LinkedIn Account: AskDeborrah

Instagram: @Thelinkedinblackbelt

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