If you have ever felt like you are spending way too much time doing things in your business that aren’t in your wheelhouse, it might be time for you to hire out. In this episode, we sat down with Erin Longmoon, the owner of Zephyr Recruiting. Her mission is to eradicate toxic workplace, believing that everyone deserves to love their job while contributing to a greater purpose. She accomplishes this mission by matching great small businesses with the RIGHT FIT employees. Erin has more than two decades helping small businesses, she has owned five businesses herself! The passion to eradicate the toxic workplace comes from a place we can all resonate with. 

Growing up, Erin was always very creative. She grew up in a rural area near San Diego and she was used to figuring things out as she went. At the age of 16, her family relocated to New York, where she learned to see new starts as adventures. Her creative and adventurous spirit led her to her passion helping small businesses find the perfect fit for their team.

Erin talks with us about how to know if it is the right time to start hiring or outsourcing the things that you don’t enjoy or the non-revenue generating tasks in your business and how to find the right future employee. She explains that to do this, you need a good understanding of who you are as a company because you can’t build a house without a foundation. You want to build a team that not only gets along, but who compliment each other and fulfill the needs of your business in all aspects. 

For our listeners, Erin is offering an interactive workbook to help you hone in on who that RIGHT FIT employee is for you. You can get it by going to zephyrrecruiting.com/cultureworkbook.

Here’s where you can find more from Erin:

Website: Zephyrrecruiting.com

Linkedin: Erin Longmoon  

Facebook: @zephyrrecruiting

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