Today we are joined by Lisa Pongrass, the Founder and CEO of Canvas & Hyde, a luxury handbag company based in Brooklyn, NY.  She shares the tactical steps she took to learn how to grow her business, build a brand from scratch, and established herself as a luxury designer all while being a newly single mom. 

Raised by her dad, Lisa faced some hardships growing up. As an adult, she moved to France with a fashion photographer and fell in love with the elegance of France. She did a lot of work in the fashion industry before she got married, started a family, and then moved to the United States. 

Her company Canvas & Hyde was born out of the necessity to start her own business. Her husband wanted to move home to Australia and she wanted to stay in the US. Because she was on a spousal visa, she knew she  couldn’t stay here without her husband or a business. She wrote a 56 page business plan and started Canvas & Hyde. The name of her business came from the blank canvas of her new life and the jackal and hyde duality of human nature.  

Lisa is an acclaimed interior designer and fashion stylist in her Australian homeland, Lisa has over 20 years of experience that has propelled her to the forefront of the international stage of fashion and beauty. Lisa currently lives in Brooklyn, just miles away from her showroom. Through Canvas & Hyde, she’s successfully brought American-made quality craftsmanship to life. 

Here’s where you can find more from Lisa: 


Facebook: @canvasandhyde

Instagram: @canvasandhyde

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