Tiffany Smiley is the founder of More Than Me- a community of resources, connection, and experts to propel women to live out their purpose and truly understand their infinite worth. Tiffany has spent years motivating and elevating those around her, inspiring them to find their true purpose and their own worth. She’s no stranger to defining moments- those experiments that force you to grow in ways you could never imagine. And through these experiences, she truly came to discover the importance of sharing her story with others so they know, too, they are not alone. 

In this episode, Tiffany shares her incredible story about how she overcame the most difficult challenges to be where she is today. Tiffany was determined and fearless ever since she was a little girl. She grew to be someone who loves to help women think about who they were before the world told them who they should be. She encourages them to dive deep, and figure out what to do in their lives when they get knocked down.

After leaving her job as a nurse, she started a speaking business and took it to levels she couldn’t have even imagined. She had a vision of creating a space for women where they had personal and professional development, where they could connect with other women and have the services and resources they need. This vision is what birthed her current business, More Than Me. She truly believes our journey is not just about us. She wants the women she works with to thrive not only in their business, but in their personal lives too.  

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