Following through on your dreams can be difficult, especially if you haven't made any kind of plan to turn them into a goal. On this episode of Women in Business, I'm sharing my best tips for setting your goals out with an achievable action plan so you can turn them into reality.

First, we need to establish the difference between a dream and a goal – and also their correlation to each other. When you're turning your dreams into goals, you need to be extremely clear about how you're going to reach them. That's why you need a plan.

I'll show you how to work backward from the goal outcome to create measurable steps that will get you started on the way to your dream reality. 

When your goal is business oriented, you need to know what type of services you want to provide. The clearer you can picture this, the likelier it'll be to happen. Setting specific, clear, and descriptive intentions will also help you visualize what the path is to take you to your goal.

There are a few business-related questions you need to determine when creating your measurable goals, starting with how much the least amount of money you can earn is. When you can determine what your baseline income is, you can figure out how much to charge and how many clients you need to provide services for.

Do you know where to find your first clients? Or how to get your first testimonials and reviews in a completely legitimate way? And do you know where you should even start marketing your new business?

What do you see yourself doing this time next year? Let's make your dreams into reality!

In This Episode:

  • How to turn a dream into a goal
  • What the difference between a dream and a goal are
  • Why you need to create a plan to achieve your dreams
  • How to work backward to achieve your goals
  • What kind of services or business do you want to offer in your dream job?
  • Why you need to be specific, clear, and descriptive when defining your dream job
  • Why you should start with your fixed costs when determining your bottom income
  • How to figure out how many clients you need in order to meet your base costs
  • Why you need to have multiple contingency plans in place to account for varying income amounts
  • How to be creative with your offers to encourage repeat customers and business
  • Where you should start looking for your first clients
  • How to use your new clients and the work you produce for them for marketing purposes
  • What other avenues of outreach are available to promote your new business


"A goal without a plan is just a dream. And dreams are something that you can think about, they sound nice, and they would be lovely to achieve, but unfortunately, they don't have any substance to them." ([2:41])

"You need to look at the bare minimum that you need so you can have a baseline of how little you can be bringing in before you get evicted, etc. It's a good exercise to see where you're spending your money." ([8:37])

"Always keep your lead generation and the need for a sales funnel in mind. It is the only way you're going to have long-term profitability. And long-term profitability results in long-term company sustainability." ([18:29])


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