Starting your own business doesn't have to be a daunting, scary experience that you're going through all on your own. In fact, I'd recommend that you find five people to help you through those starting months, and continuing years, in a much easier and smoother way. Today's podcast is all about who these experts are and why you need them.

When launching your own business, we all have a tendency to want to go-it-alone, as they say. But there's a better way. A way that, while it might cost more in the beginning, will see your business more secure and ready for a financially abundant future.

First things first, it's always good practice to find someone who's traveled the road you're walking down. A mentor who's in your line of business will be able to advise you and forewarn you of any speedbumps you're likely to experience. Choosing the right mentor will exponentially help your business success.

An accountant and a lawyer will also be able to assist you in business. An accountant will keep all your financial matters in check and be on hand to answer any questions you have regarding taxes and payments. While a lawyer will advise on getting your new business legally set up and navigating all those different business letters you need to consider.

Finally, getting your team in place will be invaluable. A marketing expert gets the word about your new venture out to the public and will assist in growing your business. While having a tight-knit team of people on hand to assist you will keep you on track to make your goals.

Do you know where to find the best mentor for your business? How will you use social media to grow your venture? What team members do you think you'll need to move forward?

In This Episode:

  • Who you need to know to launch your new business
  • Why you shouldn't start your business totally on your own
  • How a mentor can help you actualize your business goals
  • Why searching on Google isn't enough to start your business
  • Where you can find the perfect mentor for you and your business idea
  • How a marketing plan and marketing expert can help you grow your business
  • What role social media can play in your marketing plan
  • Why you need to find a team to support you



"I had the one thing every entrepreneur has to have, and that's grit. And that's what I make sure all of my mentees have, too, because if you don't have grit, you can't get on this business rollercoaster, you're not tall enough." ([6:27])

"Make sure your potential mentor has done what you are trying to do. You want someone who can empathise with you when things get tough, and they'll tell you what potholes to watch out for." ([8:01])

"Take the time to have a consultation with a marketing expert. And establish the best way to market your business." ([14:32])



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