Being a mom is one of the best and most rewarding jobs in the world. That’s why so many women are choosing to create a business that lets them stay home with their children. Today’s guest, Brandi Mowles, has built a small empire and joins us to share her journey and offer advice.

After law school, Brandi began working online in direct sales. She then decided to start her own virtual assistant business. Because of her background, she was already familiar with many aspects needed for a social media virtual assistant. This skill and interest led her to start her own Facebook ads agency, Brandi and Company, which is going from strength to strength.

Brandi shares her strategies for balancing her mom-life with her business-life. For her, it’s more important to have a work/life integration, meaning every part of her life knows about the other parts. This type of lifestyle works incredibly well for Brandi, as being a mom and caring for her daughter is why she got into the work from home business.

When you define your why, you start to figure out what type of people you actually want to work with. Brandi mostly works with other moms, advising them how they can create their own business to devote time to their family.

Brandi explains how she utilized LinkedIn to get more clients and expand her business. She also shares what systems she uses every day to help her stay organized and grow her business. Brandi also encourages separate business and personal accounts, which eventually will help you establish financial freedom.

Do you dream of spending more time at home with your kids while still building a business? How do you balance, or integrate, your work and personal life? In what ways have you utilized social media to help grow your business?

In This Episode:

  • How you can balance being a mom with owning your own business
  • What benefit LinkedIn has for service-based businesses
  • What systems Brandi recommends for daily organization
  • How defining your “why” can help you choose whether you work with someone
  • How to choose where to spend your time when balancing client work and home life
  • Why you need to separate your business income from your household income
  • How you can build your audience by showing up with courses and course creators
  • What it’s like to have financial freedom from building your own lifestyle business
  • How owning your own business as a mom can be an inspiration for your daughters



“I don’t focus on all the things, I focus on the few things that matter the most. And so it’s a little bit different than what most people are teaching because I tell them “we only focus on these things, we’re not focused on all the things” and so it kind of guides them.” ([5:23])

“I don’t believe in work/life balance, I believe in work/life integration.” ([9:43])

“If you’re going to purchase a course, you need to make sure that you’re actually going to go through it and it’s going to benefit you.” ([16:14])


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