Many entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, find time management to be one of the hardest parts of their day. Finding the right balance can be tough. So often, we’re spending too much time working and not enough playing: there has to be a better way.

That’s why developing your time management skills is so important for entrepreneurs. In this episode of Women in Business, I’m talking about my top three time management tips that have kept me, and my clients moving forward productively in business.

First of all, preparing and planning are extremely vital! How many times a day are you checking your phone? And then inevitably getting lost on social media? If the answer is more than you’re willing to admit, you need to get prepared!

I also explain what time-blocking, why you’re about to fall in love with it, and how it’s going to change your life. 

My next tip is about automating some aspects of your business that take up too much of your time. It can be daunting getting to grips with some tech systems, especially if you’re new to tech. But trust me, setting some automations in place is a game-changer!

Lastly, I’m letting you in on my secret: Delegation. When you stay working in your zone of genius and bring other people on board to work in theirs, your life and business will change.

Do you have a plan in place to make sure you get all your work done through the week? How long do you spend on social media each day? When’s the last time you stopped working at 5 pm?

In This Episode:

  • How you can prepare your devices and work areas to be more productive
  • Why you should turn your phone on airplane mode when you want to get some serious work done
  • When and how you should plan your weekly tasks
  • What time-blocking is and why you should love it
  • How you can find out what is wasting your time
  • How you can use automation to improve your business processes
  • Why you need to let control go of certain aspects of your business
  • How outsourcing some of your work will save you time and eventually make you money
  • Why you should prioritize spending time in your zone of genius



“Take your time back into your own hands because the more planned you are, the more focused you are, the more you can tackle in one sitting.” ([6:46])

“The best way to get automated is to spend a week tracking all the things that you do for your business. And bonus points if you track how long they take to perform.” ([8:28])

“The only way you’re gonna grow is to let go of control.” ([10:29])



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