The entrepreneurial spirit is multi-faceted with lots of different components – some innate, some learned. But topping it all is mindset because when you approach business with the right frame of mind, anything can happen. However, not everyone has what it takes to start their own business. 

There are five major components to the entrepreneurial spirit. We've established it all comes down to mindset, but what kind of qualities do you need to have?

First, it's about confidence. Knowing you are good at what you do and being able to support your claims is so important. Potential clients respond positively to confidence.

You'll also need to be persistent. Persistent to contact potential clients, to try new avenues, to keep going. Did you know that human beings have an average attention span of seven seconds and usually need to be connected with at least seven times before you make a sale?

Next, you'll need to be resilient. I won't lie to you – starting your own business is not an easy process. Somethings won't work out; you'll be rejected, you might even get a bad review. Are you just going to curl up and quit? No! That's where your resilience comes into play.

Like resilience, you need drive and determination to succeed when you're starting your own business. If you're not waking up and getting to work with excitement, you're probably lacking some vital connection to what you're doing. But don't worry if your feelings towards your business change over time – that's totally normal.

Why do you want to start your own business? Can you meet deadlines when you don't have a manager over your shoulder? Who do you want to work with?

In This Episode:

  • What the entrepreneurial spirit actually is
  • Why you need to be confident to become an entrepreneur
  • How persistence is vital to entrepreneurship
  • How you can show your value to potential clients
  • What a niche is and how narrowing it down helps you get clients
  • Why you can't follow up with a client, or potential client, too many times
  • What resilience has to do with starting your own business
  • How your relationship with your business will change as it grows
  • How your drive relates to your purpose
  • Why knowing your "why" isn't enough when starting your own business



"If you are confident in yourself and your skills, and you can get the results that you promised, then there is no reason you shouldn't be confident in what you have to offer as an entrepreneur." ([3:57])

"You can achieve business ownership, but believing you're worth it is the first step." ([5:37])

"If you know your value then stand confidently in that." ([11:04])

"A setback isn't a step back, it's a setup for a comeback. So why would you let a setback keep you down?" ([14:38])

"Discipline will need to kick in when your motivation runs out." ([20:13])


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