Through hard work, dedication, passion, and happiness, you can create a small empire that supports and lifts you up! It's totally possible, even if it might seem out of your grasp right now. But that's just what my guest, CEO of Classy Career Girl Anna Runyon, has done.

When Anna left college, she started with the first job that came along, but after 8 years of consulting, she knew that something was missing. That's when she started writing a blog… and her entire life changed.

Nowadays, online business is a pretty saturated market. But it's still possible to stand out from the crowd by being uniquely you. And it's so important to remember that people aren't buying what you're selling because it's there, they're buying from you.

Classy Career Girl has changed since Anna launched it in 2010. For her, regularly evaluating how happy you are with your business is vital for success. Because if you're not happy, that's going to shine through. In the same vein, that's why you should always be passionate about what you're doing; passion leads to confidence.

Anna has built Classy Career Girl from the ground up, experimenting with different social media sites and deciding which ones work best for her. Once she established an audience and business, she created a membership site that has let her have a lot more freedom as an entrepreneur.

Building a business around your family life is challenging. Anna gives us some of her best tips for balancing raising small children while creating an empire. She also lets us in on what it's like working with her husband.

What are you passionate about? How can you take imperfect action today? Do you know where your ideal audience hangs out online?

In This Episode:

  • How you can stand out from a crowded market by being yourself
  • Why you should always be evaluating your happiness levels with your business
  • What social media sites you should be on
  • How you can gain and build your own confidence through passion
  • How creating a membership site allows you more freedom as an entrepreneur
  • What are some ways of building your business around having a family
  • How you can balance your business and romantic relationship with your husband or loved one



"Nothing happens overnight. It's a lot of imperfect action and baby steps along the way." ([5:06])

"Confidence really comes from also being passionate about what you're doing. So being fulfilled and finding that career fit, too." ([16:54])

"I think there's always more fulfillment and there's always more happiness. And there's always more purpose that I'm exploring, too. So I don't think I would want to be 100% fulfilled right now because then I wouldn't know what else to do." ([31:08])


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