If you're thinking about hiring your first employee, this episode of Women in Business is for you! The most important thing you need to know when you're getting ready for your first hire is that you shouldn't hire someone just because you're busy. You don't want to hire someone who ends up watching you be busy all day.

So what do you need to do before you hire someone? First, you need to figure out exactly what tasks you do every day. Write down everything you do in a day, a week, a month, and mark what tasks you can outsource to someone. This is the start of your job description.

But before you even think about advertising for an employee, you need to standardize how you work. You can't expect someone to come into your business and work the way you want them to if you haven't taken the time to write it out! So write down step-by-step how you work your way through each task.

Guess what? You've just started your first procedures manual! As you write down every task, your manual will get fuller and more complete for your business. You can also then break your tasks down into monthly, weekly, and monthly buckets – you want your new employees to know when they need to complete their work.

This manual will help you figure out whether you need to hire one generalist or multiple people to cover the tasks you need to outsource. And remember, you don't need to go all-in with a full-time employee(s) right at the start, you can hire part-time and figure it out from there!

Are you thinking of hiring your first employee? Do you know what tasks you would outsource? How will you pay your employee(s)?

In This Episode:

  • Where to begin the hiring process
  • Why you shouldn't hire just because you feel like you're drowning in business
  • How to write a job description for the position you're hiring for
  • Why you need to standardize your own processes before you hire anyone else
  • How to create your first procedures and processes manual
  • What your daily, weekly, and monthly buckets are
  • Who you need to hire based on what tasks you need to outsource
  • How to pay your first employee



"Just being busy isn't a good enough reason to hire someone who's just going to sit there and watch you be busy. If anything, it would be a colossal waste of money." ([10:45])

"You can't expect someone to know what you haven't instructed them to do." ([13:32])

"Position yourself as the owner of the company and free yourself from some of the daily, mundane tasks that keep you in the weeds so you can get out there and support that additional expense – your new hire." ([18:04])



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