It's time for women to embrace and transition into a healthy, positive money mindset; but many of us don't know where to start. Seeking out financial experts and reading books is a great way to start. And then there are coaches like Tess Wicks who will shatter all your money beliefs wide open.

Tess is a qualified actuary, that's someone who works lives and breaths finance, who left corporate America to pursue her dream of something more. Now Tess works with women in business to help them conquer their scarcity mindsets and start making the money they deserve.

In this episode, Tess shares her best insight into how you can start getting savvy about your income. The first mistake we make is thinking we need to match our take-home pay from our 9-5: we should be striving bigger than that. Then we need to look at our regular financial goals: what do you need to make to cover your bills, what would you like to do regularly, and what would you love to bring home for your bigger splurges.

When we approach purchases with an "I can't afford that" mindset, this is scarcity. Tess tells us what we should really be saying about purchases. What it really comes down to is how we prioritize the things we want. 

Another important thing to put in place is separating your business and personal expenses. This is why having a business account is vital – and paying yourself a living wage from your income. Everything else should stay in your business account.

Many of us sabotage ourselves with how we approach our personal and business finances. But where do we start making changes? Tess talks us through how to start.

Have you been unintentionally raised with a scarcity mindset when it comes to money? Do you have separate business and personal accounts? How do you prioritize making bigger purchases?

In This Episode:

  • How do you get savvy about your personal finance
  • Why it's harmful to want to match your stable income when you become an entrepreneur
  • Why you should split your financial goals into three; Need, Like, and Love
  • How a scarcity mindset impacts our relationship with money
  • How you can keep your business and personal bills separate
  • Why we subconsciously sabotage ourselves when it comes to making more money
  • Where to start redefining your money mindset


"I think a lot of people can relate when you study something specific or you're in a career for a long time, you think that's all you're probably equipped to do. So how could you possibly break out of that and do anything else?" ([4:04])

"When someone says 'I don't have the money', what they really want to start reframing it into is 'that is just not a priority for me to spend the money on right now.'. Because everything we have in our lives is because we prioritized that. And we've made it a high-value thing." ([16:49])

"When we start putting things into perspective of our values and what our priorities are, we can start to see how it lines up. And then we can ultimately switch into making purchases a priority." ([18:06])

"It's not just that you need to start thinking about money because it's a real adult thing, it's also for safety, for empowerment, for your ability to take control of your own life and not have to rely on anyone else." ([33:35])


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